7 Ideas For Daddy Daughter Dates

Daddy Daughter Date Going For A Walk

Being a mum to two girls, I can see just how important it is for dad’s and their daughters to spend quality time together and have daddy-daughter dates. In our household, Doug is at work during the day, plus factor in the commute he has to and from work and then you are left with only the time at the weekend for him to see and spend time with the girls.

By having daddy-daughter dates or activities allows the bond and the relationship to grow from strength to strength, which will be such a positive influence in the way the girls grow up into independent young women.

Now, these activities or date ideas do not have to cost a fortune because all that matters is the time you are spending together. So here is a little list of 7 ideas that you can do to create a wonderful daddy-daughter date.

Watch A Movie
Have a look to see what new film releases are on at your local cinema and make it a day/night out. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, because we all know going to the cinema can add up, then stay at home, grab some snacks or popcorn, and watch a film on Netflix, a DVD or something that we have subscribed to is Disney Life.

Going For A Walk
This is probably the easiest thing to do and it is Free, but if you want to make it a more exciting daddy-daughter date then grab a map, some snacks, and make a list of things that you can spot on your walk. There is always geocaching if you fancied trying it, which is similar to a treasure hunt, so it will be perfect for fathers and daughters alike.

Going For Breakfast
Going for breakfast at a local country park, farm cafe, or even grabbing a bacon sandwich is a great way to start the day. It will really make any daughter feel special, and if they are young like my girls, then they will feel grown-up being taken for breakfast by their daddy.

Bake Together
Now, this can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. Why not for an easy take on things buy a cake mixture set or choose a simple recipe and get baking together. If you really wanted to show off your baking skills then choose a recipe you might not have thought to do before, or you could work your way through a cookbook making sure to add in some savoury treats as well.

City Date
When it comes to days out I don’t think you can beat it as a child heading to a big city, especially when it is just you and your dad. Going somewhere like London via a train would be the start of such a wonderful day together followed by exploring different areas, visiting museums, parks, and even possibly being treated to a swanky lunch. With Doug working in London, he is already excited to take the girls in on his own for that daddy-daughter time.

Going For Ice Cream
Lots of little girls, especially my 2, just love ice cream. Heading to a local ice cream parlour or even an ice cream van will be a fun, exciting and tasty treat as they get to pick out exactly what they want, along with all the toppings. (If you want to be super cheeky then your local pub, like ours, might sell amazing local ice cream tubs. So the daughters have ice cream and daddy gets a pint)

Ice Skating
Lots of ice rinks have sessions that are for the public to skate on all through the year, but with the weather starting to turn a little bit colder going ice skating now might make it a little bit festive. Plus add a hot chocolate or cake on the end of the ice skating to really warm you up.

Have fun with your daddy-daughter date and make lots of memories.

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