Investing In Your Relaxation

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Relaxation is something that shouldn’t be cast aside as being unimportant. It is something that we need to keep remembering to do, rather than working flat out doing 16 hour days, or putting every ounce of time and energy we have into other matters.

Even back thousands of years ago where our ancestors lived a hard existence, still had time for the community. After the evening meal was caught and eaten, the people would spend time together, marvelling at the galaxies above their heads.

Modern life has completely rewired our needs, but there is always time to fit in some relaxation. So, how can you invest in relaxation to stop stress? Here are a few ways which you could try.

Go On A Meditation Retreat

Sometimes, we need a clean pause from the rest of our life to connect with the things that truly matter. This can seem impossible especially when stopping your responsibilities is not an option. Children need to eat, our career needs to be kept hold of, and we cannot simply pause it all whenever we like. When starting a family, we automatically accept that we are no longer the most important person anymore. 

While life can get really busy it is always nice to take some time out for yourself. A way in which you can really shut yourself off is to go on a meditation retreat. These are not all spas and relaxation places, but they can help you feel completely at peace. What you do is agree to be without your smartphone for a period of time. It seems in this digital era we are very much glued to the gadgets surrounding us. By freeing up this one thing will allow you to enjoy the silence. Meditating many hours a day, learning to be in the moment can be extremely effective in cleansing yourself. Also, you don’t need to get dressed up or feel you have to impress anyone.

Create A Relaxing Space

Having a place to relax in makes things that bit easier to unwind. It would mean creating a space in your home where you can sit and let the stress of life slip away. For many, this might be just a corner of a room where you can immerse yourself in a book, or listen to music. Whatever it is you choose to help you relax make sure it has nothing to do with your phone. By doing this it will allow you to focus on something more comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.

I know that creating a relaxing space might not be a simple thing that can be achieved with a scented candle, or a comfy cushion on an okay chair. It might need some drastic action taking place such as installing french doors to allow your garden into your living room. As a visual perspective, it can help the room bring in nature and when the weather is sunny, it can light up the whole room making it relaxing. 

Get A Massage

Going on a meditation retreat is very much about the mind and cleansing yourself. However, sometimes we need to feel comforted in our environment, and therefore require that our physical needs are tended to also. Massages and sports massages alike can help you take many knots out of your shoulders, relieve places of stress, and generally help you feel much more confident and comfortable in your skin.

Being pampered with oils, calming music and the kneading of professionals can really take the weight off your shoulders. Why not try Reiki or simply sitting in a jacuzzi and then sauna as these are known for helping you ‘reset’. It can be extremely good for both your physical and mental health. 

Focus On A Constructive Hobby

A constructive hobby can truly make all the difference when creating time for yourself. For example, painting landscapes can be tremendously therapeutic. Whether you are good or bad at it, it does not matter. Just looking outside and painting rolling hills, gardens, fields, rivers, a street, will focus your mind.

The more you focus on your constructive hobby, the more likely you are to keep this up and potentially use it as a vehicle to keep your stress away, to help you express yourself, and also to constructively spend your downtime. It would be even better if you can share this with someone else. Maybe perhaps inspire someone else to do the same. This is because no matter who you are, making the effort to better things can provide you with a tremendous amount of relief.

Whatever you choose to do, just invest in a little bit of relaxation.

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