Is The Rush Of Life Catching Up On You?

The rush of life is definitely something that from time to time catches up with me. It almost feels like all I am doing is rushing around, and if I am not doing that, I end up finding lots of things to do to keep me busy. Do you do the same? I feel like my worst enemy at times because once I am in the mindset of being busy, I just can’t seem to switch it off and so it is hard to relax.

There is one thing I notice when I find it hard to relax and that is it spills over into other areas which then makes me feel even worse. So, if like me, you start to feel like the rush of life is catching up on you, then there is no time like the present to start focusing on your life, how you can make it more relaxing, and how you can make it more productive in a way that will make you feel you are doing something for yourself, rather than doing everything for everyone else.

So, with that said, find five minutes to relax and have a read of this post, because I am going to share some ways that the rush of life can catch up with you, and how you can avoid it!

The Rush Of Life

Your Body

One of the areas that we seem to ignore the most in life, is our bodies. When we are rushing around all the time, our mind is focused on other things and so it becomes easy to just ignore signs that our body is trying to give us. Having aches and pains, especially in the back, can start from such a young age, because as a child you are always on the go, on the couch, slumped over or in bed. Therefore over the years our posture changes, muscle memory kicks in, and it can become painful. By possibly doing something as simple as physio could solve it, or maybe it could be arthritis because by being on the go, up and down all the time, your joints can get affected. If you do have arthritis then arthritic gel could be the solution for you, but you need to go to the doctors and try and diagnose the problem first.

 So don’t feel like you have to put up with the pain that you’re having, get to the problem and solve it! There’s so much more that your body could be trying to tell you. Fatigue can be a sign of stress and depression, stomach ache can be a sign of poor nutrition due to being on the go. Always listen to your body, and always act on it!

Your Mind 

When it comes to your mind I have to talk about mental health, because when you’re always running around after someone else or everybody else, your mind is going to take a mental toll. You are having to think of so many things that are rushing through your mind, but how much time do you actually get to yourself to process them! The chances are the only time you have is an hour in front of the TV or those precious moments in bed before you fall asleep. This is not a great way to do it and so your mind might suffer.

People like to bottle up their thoughts and emotions because they don’t have the time to think about it and it is one of the leading causes of stress and depression. A recommendation that is given all the time is to take up a hobby like yoga. I have just joined a gym and booked in to take Yoga because it is one of the best ways to destress, plus it might make you laugh learning to do it. You could either join a class or simply buy a yoga mat and do it at home. The more you practice, the better you get at gaining mind control as well. Put some relaxing music on in the background, and you can really let your thoughts process and melt out of your mind. Not only that, but it’s such a good idea if you’re looking to keep your muscles and joints in good shape. 

Your Motivation

Having a rushed life can definitely catch up with you in terms of your motivation. How can you be motivated when you feel constantly on the go. To get back that motivation all you need to do is implement some simple tips. Set yourself one goal each day and break the cycle of going to work, sorting the kids out, cooking dinner, bedtime routine. Make time for you to do just one thing whether it is doing a workout, baking a cake, drawing or reading. Just do something different. All you need could be as simple as waking up and telling yourself that today is going to be a good day and remember you are trying to stay motivated. 

Doing Something For Yourself

Doing something for yourself once a day can be quite hard to achieve, so compromise and allow for one night a week. This is where you might go for coffee with friends or on your own, bingo, going for a walk to clear your head, going for a meal, just taking that little bit of time for just you. It has to be something that you actually personally enjoy, rather than needing to be with people to do it. If you wanted, you could do something really big and plan something once a month that means you will totally relax, such as a spa day. These are usually better when you go with someone else, but who is to say you can’t go on your own! The more you do just for you, the more you’ll feel like the rush of life isn’t catching up on you anymore! So have a think about what you’d like to do!

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