Mabel’s 1st Day Of School

That’s Right! Mabel has officially started school.

It’s what we have been preparing for, for a while. We have had the home visit, settling in days, her uniform delivered, ironed, labelled and today was the day Mabel started her 1st day of school, in Reception class.

Excited I think was an understatement because for the past year Mabel has been asking when she will be going to ‘Big School’ and finally for her that day has come. To be fair she has always loved school from the very first time she started at a preschool.

1st Day Of School

To make it special daddy decided to work from home so he too can get to enjoy this milestone. It is a big step and the start of many years in education. This is where she will be able to work out what she wants to be when she is older. Mabel always said she wanted to be a firefighter, now she wants to be a dance and swimming teacher. Whatever she chooses her learning has taken that next important step.

This morning we all walked down the road to the village school because not only was Mabel going, but Martha was starting back there at the preschool. I think that made it easier for me because they were both going to be together. I know that a lot of parents shed a tear when their child starts school because it is such an emotional time but for me, I walked away smiling at the young little lady Mabel is becoming. (And Martha of course.)

1st Day Of School

When I picked her up at the end of the day she looked like she had the best day ever. She also managed to keep her uniform in pristine condition. This little lady is officially no longer a preschooler but a school girl ready for this wonderful new journey.

I hope your little one had a great 1st day of school too!

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