The Challenges Of Home Renovations

home renovations

When carrying out major renovations on your home, it takes a lot of work. I have been trying to remove ceiling paper, coving, curtain rails, doors, etc all myself on areas of our house. However, it very quickly became apparent I am not able to do it all myself. You might be able to if you’re a professional contractor, but for me, I’m an amateur. I’m happy to get stuck in and enlist help from family for light renovation or redecorating as this doesn’t seem too challenging, but when carrying out any major renovations, the challenges are going to be more significant.

Here are some challenges that might crop up with house renovations.

Working with Plumbing, Electrics and Gas

There are some homes that are fairly straightforward. The ones that can be done by DIY enthusiasts with no professional experience. However, like mine, there are certain things that require professional help for safety and sometimes even legal reasons. If major electrical work is required then you may need a level 2 electrician to carry out the work for you. A plumber might be necessary to help with a kitchen, bathroom or other areas where you need a water supply. And if you need to do any work relating to gas connections and appliances, you will need a trained and licensed expert.

home renovations

Disruption in Your Home

Small home renovation projects can be completed in just a few days. However, if you have lots of work that needs to be carried out, it will obviously take longer. Extensive renovations can disrupt your life in various ways. You might not be able to use your bathroom or kitchen for a while. There might be noise and mess, which might make it difficult to live in. You will need to consider how to live around the renovations while they are ongoing. If you do get the opportunity to stay elsewhere for a while then take it up so you don’t have to suffer. We will have to move out of our home due to Mabel having Asthma.

Getting on with Contractors

It is always important to find contractors that meet your needs. If the renovations take a long time or are complicated, it is so important you have chosen the right contractors that you can get along with. They need to be able to understand your needs and listen to what you want. They should be able to communicate well and keep their work site neat and most importantly safe. It does take time finding the right contractors. We are still trying to work out what contractor is the best fit for us which has taken months. It is worth speaking to a few to compare your options before making a final decision. 

Sticking to a Budget

Of course, money and having a budget is important. The bigger the renovation project, the more difficult it can become to stay within your set budget. There are also more potential for things to go wrong or for delays to occur. This then can all lead to spending more money. The best thing to do is to assume that you will go at least a little over your budget. We have put in a contingency percentage within the budget to allow for any mistakes or problems, which will hopefully help to stay within the budget.


Home renovations are tough and stressful, but it is worth it when you get the home that you want.

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