Toilet Training Martha

It has taken a while but we are almost there when it comes to toilet training Martha. Yes, at 3 years old she is late to the game but we have always gone along with doing it when she has been ready and willing to try.

Toilet training I think is one of those milestones that many parents dread. It is great the thought of getting rid of the nappies but the task ahead takes a lot of patience. As a family, we always wanted to approach it in a relaxed way and never wanted to put pressure on either of the girls.

Toilet Training Martha

Our approach has taken a long time and most of the summer holidays, but it helped Martha be more comfortable with the process. The reason we chose to do it over summer was that we had 6 weeks to figure out the routine. Martha also had time to figure out what to do without having to go to preschool and possibly worry about it.

Now when it comes to toilet training there are many different ways and approaches, but what I would say is do what is best for you and what approach would suit your child. We did a combination of things. At the start of the process, we said goodbye to nappies and stayed in the house for a couple of days while Martha could get used to having to go to the toilet. It worked well during the day and at night she wore a pull up nappy which always seemed dry in the morning.

After a few days of being home, we went out and enjoyed our summer, but made sure to take many changes of clothes. We did have some accidents, not as many as I thought we would have, and she seemed excited to use the toilet everywhere we went. However, she had a problem when it came to doing a poo. This was and still is not as straight forward.

Golf Day - Toilet Training

Martha after having a few accidents started to hold her poo until bedtime when she had her nappy on, but soon after that, it caused her to be constipated and very poorly. After we realised what she was doing we changed tactic and encouraged her to go toilet after dinner where she was able to watch something on the tablet. (A little calming treat). This seemed to work and distracted her enough that she would actually end up going, but she doesn’t do it all the time.

While Martha is very good and will go to the toilet when she needs to wee, we are still trying to figure out the whole poo situation, but I am sure it will come with some more time, patience and when she feels comfortable. She has done such a fantastic job so far with it all, at a time she was ready.

Now it’s the final push to be out of bedtime pull-ups.

What age were your children when they were toilet trained?

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