5 Free Things To Do In Half Term

half term

This week coming it’s Half Term and after having recently got back from holiday during term time (Mabel was 4 when we departed), it is onto that break away from the school routine.

When it comes to this week many parents have to juggle or try to find childcare. This then adds up to extra costs on top of the expense of entertaining the children or going on outings.

To help I have 5 Free things that you can do over half term, which we will be doing ourselves.

Have A Picnic
You can do this no matter what the weather; if it’s sunny then you can go to a country park; have one in the back garden, and if it’s raining, then having it in the living room is just as fun. You don’t need to spend money on the actual picnic either. Just grab a few items from your cupboards then grab a blanket and off you go.

Play Games
I bet there are lots of games in the house that haven’t been played with for a while, or maybe you might like to do a game of Hide and Seek. It makes it fun when everyone plays together, you make memories and you don’t have to go anywhere to do it.

Get out and about exploring your local area, forests, walking routes and country parks. Try and see what you can spot, maybe print off some lists of things to look out for and make it fun. Don’t forget to check for Free parking because some places may charge you. This won’t be great when you’re trying to have a Free week.

Watch A Film
If the weather is bad, which we all know the British weather is most likely to be, then stay at home, invite some friends over and have a movie day. Throw in some nibbles from things in the cupboards or ask others to bring over one snack to share. It’s a nice fun, relaxing way to enjoy the day with your friends, or even as a family.

Free Museums/Heritage Sites
Check out your local museums because some of them may have Free entry. It provides a great outing where the children can learn about history, literature and art in a fun way. You might even like to take a picnic and really make a day of it.

Have a great Half Term.

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