I Have Gone Back To Work

back to work

The past 5 years I have been out of work looking after Mabel and Martha, which has been by choice. I wrote a post a few years ago how being a stay at home mum made financial sense and back then it was right for us as a family.

Now Mabel has started school and Martha has preschool 15 hours a week which has opened up a little window for me to get back into work. However, I have found it incredibly difficult to do so. Not for the fear of leaving the girls, or the fear of missing out. It’s difficult because of the lack of interviews when I have applied for something. I get the feeling that looking after my children for so long is seen as a disadvantage. Also, finding something that will fit within the hours that I can do has been pretty tough.

It was just by chance that I came across a 10pm – 3am job that could fit within our home life. With Doug commuting and working in London from 6:30am – 8:30pm only really allowed me to work part-time at night. It is with these hours that I am still able to get a few hours sleep. I’m not going to lie it’s some getting used to but it’s a start. I’m sure we will find a balance soon.

As my contract is to work 19 hours a week (with the possibility of more hours now and again), I am able to apply for the 30 hours free childcare for Martha. The only problem with this is that it does not start until January if it’s accepted. Which means these next few months will be challenging but I am up for trying.

There are many positives about going back to work which does not just come down to getting some extra money. It’s allowing me to get out there and be social. Also, the benefits the company have are really good. Plus, I can finally put some money into a pension and save for retirement. We have to plan for the future.

So with it still being early days, as in I have only been there a week, I am enjoying it and I hope this can be the start of a new journey for me.

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