Tips To Create A More Relaxing Bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, it should provide a space for a little pampering and self-care when you need it. However, when your bathroom looks a mess or a little worn then something needs to change. Here are some tips for creating a more relaxing bathroom.

relaxing bathroom

Add Light To Brighten The Room

Light can have a big impact on your mood, and if your bathroom is looking dark and dingy, then it’s not likely to be somewhere you want to spend too long in. Think about incorporating some natural light if you can in order to brighten up the space. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, then the lighting you choose can be artificially imitated to be like natural light. It’s definitely worth looking into because it can be a real mood booster and just what you want to make a more welcoming space.

Install Luxury Features

Installing luxury features are always going to add another level to your bathroom. Mirrors that light up are now popular, especially those that also keep warm while the air around it is getting a lot of moisture. The warmth helps melt the water and keeps the mirror clear for you to see yourself.
Baths are another great feature to upgrade. There really is nothing more luxurious than a stand-alone bathtub like this one or a rainfall style shower head for your shower. Our freestanding bath in our old house is something I miss. It will be something I hope to install along with a rainfall showerhead for the shower.

Keep The Colours Neutral

Colours are another thing that can affect the mood. You might want to use a bright colour for your bathroom, but it is better to keep these colours neutral. Having a calm space is influenced by colour, and so whites, creams and pale colours, in general, are going to help add to that relaxed atmosphere. In keeping it plain and simple you can always add colour through soft furnishings and home decor. It is also something that you can switch easily and is affordable, rather than redoing walls and tiles. That is much more of a hassle!

Add Some Candles And Indoor Plants

When creating that relaxing atmosphere, there are a few things that are proven to help you relax and unwind. One of these is candles, and the other is indoor plants. Indoor plants can help purify the air and add a bit of colour to your space. The candles make the room feel much more intimate and cosy, which is exactly what you need when you fancy lounging in the bath with a book. I use scented candles which really help with making the room feel calm.

Having a relaxing bathroom is something you need in life, particularly if you have a fairly busy lifestyle. So invest in some luxury features, grab some candles and indulge in some self-care.

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