Which Type Of Flooring Is Best For Your Living Room?

type of flooring

The living room is one of the most important rooms in our entire home. It is a place where we can unwind on the sofa to entertaining friends; it’s the ultimate space for relaxation. Of course with our entire house, especially the living room it does need some updates; one of them being the flooring. But what style or type of flooring do you choose? Here is a look through some of the options there are.


Carpets are a popular choice for living rooms. Having a nice plush carpet will really help to keep a room warm and cosy. With a soft carpet under your feet, you will feel relaxed and comfortable, which is precisly what you want in any living room! It’s essential to choose a carpet that is of high quality because the cheaper materials will thin out and need to be replaced more often. At the moment we have a carpet that has truly been done on the cheaper side, which is why it needs to be replaced with something else very soon. Not to mention the difficulty it is to clean. DIY remedies like vinegar and baking soda can do the trick on smaller stains. For the tougher ones, you might need to call in a carpet cleaning expert to help you out!


Vinyl is easy to maintain and is an inexpensive option. You can find that some vinyl has the appearance to mimic wood (which could be great for the living room). Generally, vinyl is used for bathrooms or kitchens. Yet, if you’re looking to save a bit of cash, which we all would like to do – it could be an excellent go-to. Cleaning these types of floors is much easier with the use of vinegar and water. So this flooring both saves you money and cleaning time! Win-Win!


Laminate flooring is a strong contender for any living room. It’s less expensive than wood and a bit more robust than vinyl. It can add a luxury look to any living room especially if you are going for a modern or minimalist look. When cleaning this floor it is super easy but you shouldn’t use steam cleaners or mops. It’s best to sweep or vacuum the floor and look out for products that specifically are for this type of flooring.


Real wood is the more expensive type of flooring – but it does give the room a real rustic and earthy feel. With wood being more durable it can also change with its environment. To make sure it is constantly in great condition it is best not to overexpose wood to sunlight. When it comes to cleaning only a damp mop instead of a wet one will do. Opt for soap and water as opposed to a floor cleaning product. When you are paying a lot of money for a lovely wood floor, you want to keep things at its best.

If you’re revamping your floors like we are set to do then why not give your whole living room a good old spruce? As autumn draws to a close we are still seeing lots of autumn shades. Why not try a few accessories in shades of orange or brown for your winter living room look?

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