Choosing And Maintaining A Rustic Kitchen

rustic kitchen

I don’t know about you but I love a kitchen that conforms to old design ideals. It could be through old cooking equipment, storage larders, adding a butlers sink or modern designs with a retro twist. When it comes to rural homes, and rustic kitchens, it is also important to recognize that more maintenance is required. That is if you’re hoping for the best result.

Thankfully, it’s more than possible to make this space perfect for you and your family. However, make sure that the design of the kitchen and how it operates is also right for your home. With the handy guide below, I hope it helps when deciding on a rustic kitchen to enhance this space.

Heating Considerations

A rustic home can sometimes be without central heating options, but there are other alternatives such as oven heating or oil-burning ovens. For example, if you need to heat your home with oil, New Era Fuels is worth checking out, especially if you hope to join the Aga club or to implement a beautiful new oil heating system. A rustic kitchen can often provide the basis of this installation, so it’s worth talking to the appropriate services to see just what your options are.

A Beautiful Aesthetic

rustic kitchen

A rustic kitchen gives you the ability to define your beautiful aesthetic within humble terms. Painting a large wooden table and varnishing reclaimed wood may add something special to the space. Also implementing wooden countertops or cabinets that hide appliances will help the space feel less cluttered. A little aesthetic flair can go a long way when wishing to change the way you think about kitchens, and this can be a great example to hold onto.


A rustic kitchen is of course situated within a rustic home, and sometimes these homes are unequipped for the modern appliances that we utilize. This is where improving ventilation can be an important measure, be that opting for a barn door to allow the top door to open, a relatively nice unit in keeping with the rest of the design, or even adding an extractor fan to get rid of the smoke and smells of cooking.

I hope that if you are designing a rustic kitchen or one with a possible twist that these 3 points will be helpful. It will definitely be coming in handy when we design ours.

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