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,time for yourself

I have often thought that I need to make time for myself and I don’t think I am alone. When it comes to children, life becomes extremely busy and parents can forget that it is important to have some ‘ME’ time.

There are days that are chaotic with school drop-offs/pick-ups, housework, grocery shopping. Then there is the after-school activities, work and generally driving backwards and forwards. Even at the weekend, it can seem like there is never enough time in the day. From dance class, dump trips, the odd jobs at home, or heading to Ikea to pick up that extra draw or new furniture you have been meaning to do for a while. All of this while the children moan about being hungry; wanting to go home and feeling the need to touch everything in the shop. So when you do finally reach home it is a relief.

Now, when I talk about making time for yourself it does not have to be getting out of the house. Although going for a walk might be something that you enjoy and can be good for you. What I mean is creating a box at home with things that you like that will help you relax. These can be anything from tea bags, biscuits, or chocolate to a magazine, face mask or scented candle. It can be anything that will allow you to relax and take 5 out for yourself. You don’t have to separate yourself from everyone for long, just enough time to drink a cup of tea, enjoy a read and have a restful time out.

We all need to take 5 now and again and have that time for just ourselves, so start getting those treats together and if you really fancy spoiling yourself then have a look at some hampers that are available, (Twinings Hampers and Gift Sets, Treats From M&S Gift Selection) and pop it away ready for the all-important ‘ME’ time.

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  1. November 6, 2019 / 8:11 pm

    It is important to make time for yourself. I try to at least once a week to have at least a couple of hours doing what I want to do. x

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