Save Money This Black Friday

save money black friday

Black Friday is almost here, Friday 29th November (some offers start at the beginning of the week and some have started now), and it is where retailers drop prices or put on deals. With Christmas just around the corner, it is definitely a way you can save some money.

This year I thought I would share some tips which may just help you save that bit extra.

Have A List and Research It

Have a list of all the things you need or would like to buy along with the model number or item number. Also, note down what price you have found it cheapest before Black Friday. This will make you prepared, it will save you time when searching for those items and will save you money if the offer on is not as good as the place you found it cheapest. Don’t get tempted by an offer that isn’t quite what you are after. It might not end up being suitable and will be a waste of money.

Shop Around

Compare the prices on more than one retailer because each company may have the same item but at a cheaper price. You want to be certain you are getting the best deal. This will also be helpful when comparing it to the prices you found them originally on at before Black Friday.

Use Vouchers or Discount Codes

When you have decided on the best deal make sure to look online by simply googling for any vouchers or discount codes because you might be able to save that little bit extra. Some companies like to give 10% off if it is your first purchase with them. This is always a must because 90% of the time I will often find a code. If the code you find has a minimum spend then see if you can team up with family or friends. Who knows they might want something from the same company.

Delivery Costs

Check delivery costs because this could be a place to save money. If the offer of Free Click and Collect is available then it could save you money, but only if the collection point is close by. If delivery is the only option or a must then make sure the retailer selling the item you have found on offer is still the cheapest when you factor in the delivery costs. Another retailer with the same item on offer for slightly more may be doing Free delivery. This in total might work out the better deal. Again if there are family and friends that are wanting a product from the same company then team up to get Free delivery or split the cost of delivery. I have done this with a friend and we split the cost which saved us a little bit of money.

Don’t Get Carried Away

It’s very easy when it comes to deals to get carried away and start buying items you don’t necessarily need. By doing this you will end up potentially spending a fortune. Try and stick to your original list. If you have forgotten about a birthday or upcoming event that a specific item would be perfect for, then just take 5 minutes and ask yourself ‘if it is really required’.

Now it’s time to get prepared and organised so you can save even more on Black Friday.

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