Mabel’s Christmas Presents 2019

This year I have really enjoyed shopping for both Mabel and Martha for Christmas. The girls are at an age where they generally like the same thing or they can tell me what it is they want. It makes things a little easier in some ways, but of course, as always I am on a hunt for a bargain. I have searched online, in-store and within my own childhood toys to find the perfect presents that will not break the bank. You can also check out previous years presents, 2018, 2017 and 2016.

Below are all the presents Mabel will be receiving this year from us along with the prices and total.

mabels christmas presents

*Large Plush Unicorn £8 (B&M rrp £12.99 (2 for £16))
*Coding Critter £27.92 (Amazon rrp £40)
*My Doll and Horse Family £8 (B&M rrp £12.99 (2 for £16)
*Fantasy Dig £8 (B&M rrp £12.99 (2 for £16))
*Playmobil Princess Case £6.75 (Sainsbury’s rrp £9)
*Playmobil Space Mars Rover £5.24 (TrackPack rrp £8.99)
*LOL Bath Bomb £3 (B&M)
*LOL Socks £4.12 (Tesco rrp £5.50)
*Duvet £5 (B&M rrp £8.99)
*Hatching Unicorn Egg £1.99 (B&M)
*Smarties £1 (Aldi)
*Glitter Balloon £2.50 (B&M rrp £2.99)
*Personalised Superhero Book £1.99 (Beans & Sparks rrp £12.99)
*Selection Box £1 (Tesco rrp £2)

Total: £84.51

Note: The total should have been at full price £135.42 which is a saving of £50.91 = 38%

Again this year I will be giving the girls joint presents of toys I use to have as a little girl. I have been saving them for a few years now when they are at the perfect age to have them. I have also added in a little fun present for the girls to use.

mabels christmas presents

*Teeny Weeny Families Clocktower £0
*Oh Penny Dolls House, Swimming Pool, Treehouse and all accessories (not in the photo). £0
*I’m As Big As Height Chart £8.30 (Amazon)

Total: £8.30

(The total for both Mabel and Martha’s Christmas presents and stockings came in at £186.69)

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