Planning and Getting Organised For Christmas

planning christmas

It is now finally December and I don’t know about you but I don’t feel quite ready for Christmas. With 24 days left to go, it is about time I started planning and organising everything in order to not get stressed nearer to the time. I have been buying presents for the past few months when I have stumbled across some great deals. This way it saves me money. However, I am still yet to make a list, plan the food, get a tree, and all the other things surrounding Christmas.

Here are some of the things that I will be doing to get organised and start planning for Christmas


Before all the fun things can be planned and lists can be made we need to sit down and work out how much Christmas is going to cost us this year. If anything it will be highlighting how much we can afford/want to spend on Christmas and therefore creates the budget. Always make sure when you have a budget that you stick to it. 2020 won’t be a great start when your bank account is in the red.

Write Lists

Christmas can be a chaotic and stressful time when there are lots of things to remember. What gifts do I need to get? What is the menu? Decorating? In order to get organised writing lists will allow you to see everything that needs to be done in one place. It will clear your head and make you feel less anxious. As someone who is constantly writing lists, this is something I can look forward to doing.

Plan the Month

December comes around and for some people, like me, it can be the busiest time at work (I am putting in extra hours at work), at home, with household tasks, the children’s school. Planning the month out on a calendar will allow you and the rest of the household to see what is happening each day. Plus add in the fun events that you are attending or activities you are doing. Put the calendar up somewhere that you can see it every day. This way it will hopefully mean you won’t have to run around because you have forgotten to be somewhere.


Of course, this is a fun and exciting task to do especially when doing it with the children. Yet like everything else it does need some organising. What tree will you have? When to buy it? Do you need more decorations? How much will it cost? When do you start decorating the house? This year we are excited to be getting a real tree again from a local farm. It would mean our timeframe for decorating will be decided when we have a delivery date for the tree.

Christmas Eve

When it comes to Christmas Eve you hope that everything is done and checked off. However, you can do some small tasks such as preparing the table, a quick clean, even prepping some of the Christmas Dinner. This will allow you to save some extra time to enjoy Christmas Day. It is what I will be squeezing into the day when at home so we can enjoy the build-up of the festivities.

How are you getting yourself organised and planning for Christmas?

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