A Family Update – What A Start To The Year 2020

I thought I would post a little family update on how the New Year has started for us. What a month we have had. After Christmas and New Year it was so nice to get back into a routine. However, that lasted 1 day. Mabel had the chickenpox which 2 weeks later Martha caught after she had been unwell with a bad cough. So it has been 3 weeks of at least one of them being off school. There is something about being housebound that drives me crazy but of course, we were not able to go anywhere until Mabel and Martha were no longer contagious.

While all these illnesses have happened it has meant we have had some added extra family time. Colouring (including the sofa), playing games, reading, watching films, and eating treats, lots of treats. It has been interesting watching the girls interact with each other when unwell. Mostly Martha is the bossy one, but she is also caring when seeing her Big Sister, Mabel, not feeling 100%. They do both make me laugh though.

a family update - walk in the countryside

You can possibly say the first few of weeks of the New Year had us all feeling a bit blue, but we have managed to pick things up now everyone is back to full health. This has then seen us getting out for walks, adventures in forests and the girls also squeezed in a few overnight stays at Nanny and Grandads house.

There has been one change this month that will hopefully make things a little easier. We have a second car. Hubby cycles 7 miles to the train station and back because he works in London. However, after going through our expenses and the family budget, we have found that we can afford to run and pay for car parking at the station now and again. It means that I won’t have to drive him on next to no sleep when his bike brakes or its bad weather. Win-Win.

Back in October, I mentioned how I have gone back to work. Well, it has been 4 months now and it has been going reasonably well. It is all still a balancing act with everything else that is going on, but I like being able to bring in some extra money. I also like that finally at aged 32, I have started putting into a pension. It is extremely late but better late than never.

a family update - chimney

We have done a few more bits on the extension front such as window shopping for things we like the look of. I want the finished product to be of quality but to not cost us a fortune. Plus we have taken out our fireplace ourselves which will save us some money. We have a budget for a reason, so let’s see if we can stick to it. After receiving our quote for the main parts of the build I am feeling optimistic that will be achieved.

So after the New Year did not start well, we are ending this month on a high.

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