Choosing An Architect + Our Plans

Back in October 2018, we moved into our current home, which is our dream home. It is in a picturesque village to the North of Bedfordshire and the house itself already came with planning permission. However, those plans needed some tweaking.

The original plans I explained in the House Renovations: Planning A Single Storey Rear and Side Extension Plus Renovations post, actually were not going to work. A wall of the extension needed to be brought in 16 inches from the boundary, as well as internal walls needed to be positioned for support. The layout had to change slightly to work with what we wanted. Plus there were windows and vents that needed to be changed.

After what seems like forever we have recently got our plans from the Architect and I have to say they look amazing. I can envision the house being everything I dreamt of.

Here are the before and after floor plans so you can see just how much we are going to be changing.

house extension

How Did We Choose Our Architect?

Choosing our Architect ended up being really straight forward. He was recommended by so many people that it felt silly not to set up a meeting with him. He also lived in the same village which made things that bit easier.

Upon our first meeting, he just put us at ease by making some changes that we wanted to make from the original plans. Not only that but he suggested things to us we had not thought of that would save us money. It seemed to be a perfect fit.

We received 2 quotes from him, the first being the measured plans which we needed to send off to the planning office to get approval to use these new substituted plans. Then the second one was more structural plans which the builders can work from to create our vision.

Our Vision

Our plans involve 2 extensions, one at the rear, creating an open plan kitchen/diner/living space with vaulted ceiling and one at the side of the house, creating a master suite with ensuite and dressing room. In the original house kitchen, it will be removed and form a utility, shower room and coat closet. The bedrooms will also be tweaked slightly to make room for a hallway and a bigger bathroom. While the living room and entrance/study area will be updated too.

Everything is starting to get really exciting now we have the plans. The next step is getting the structural engineers drawings and we are already in talks with a builder. It is recommended getting 3 quotes before making a decision. We have already had 2 quotes from builders so this will be our last one. I mean every single thing has to be budgeted for, so it has to be right.

In order for us to stay within the budget, we are looking to get the extensions and renovations done in one go. Well, as much of it as we can. However, for this to happen it would mean we will be moving out for a few months. We do have family not too far away who will be taking us all in for this period. God help them.

I will try and keep you posted with what is happening including the Archaeological Dig we have to get done. But that process and how we picked the company will follow in due course.

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