Meal Plan 06/01/2020

Meal Plan

What a festive period we had. Lots of lovely food, drink and lots of chocolate. But, with the New Year comes a new challenge. The Keto Diet. Yes, hubby and I have decided to try it out for a couple of weeks as a major detox. For Christmas, I received a Keto for Beginners Book, with weekly meal plans, so that is where we are starting.
We have also looked through our expenses and will be budgeting our weekly food, drink and household budget at £90. I am hoping we will spend a lot less than this to put towards savings.

Meal Plan

Chicken Caprese with Mangetout

Bacon and Olive Quiche with Spinach

Chicken Sausage Skillet

Chicken Fillet with Courgetti

Cod with Green Beans

Chicken with Broccoli

Steak, Eggs and Spinach

Weekly Food Shop Total

Milk and More £4.05
Aldi £66.46
SMOL £3.85

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