Meal Plan 20/01/2020

Meal Plan

This week I am using another one of my Christmas presents and that is The 7 Day Basket by Ian Haste. It has shopping lists for each of the weeks worth of meals to make things that bit easier. One thing I have found is that I haven’t been able to get all the items in my local Aldi so I will be going to another shop to see if I can pick up the remaining items. Also, the food budget is quite high this week. I might replace items in future recipes to make it a bit more budget-friendly.

Meal Plan

Vegetarian Bucantini all’Amatriciana

Bavette Steak with Shiitake, Kale and Thrice-Cooked Chips

Yakisoba Pork Noodles

Teryaki Chicken

Shredded Chicken and Stilton Lasagne with Buttered Kale

Chicken Red Curry

Toulouse Sausage Cassoulet with Charred Cabbage

Weekly Food Shop Total

Milk and More £4.05
Aldi £73.25
Sainbury’s £2

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