Our “Valentines Day” Meal Plan – For The Whole Family

When it comes to Valentines Day I just can’t be bothered with it really. I am not too sure I was ever really into it. Being married it just seems a pointless affair that just adds pressure for your other half to buy you something.

Saying ‘I Love You’ is not something you should be doing on Valentines Day. For me, it is so predictable and don’t you think it feels a bit forced. Does buying a mug that says ‘I Love You’ or a cuddly toy really epitomises Love. It really is unbelievable the rubbish that is sold. Here is a card a supermarket was selling, which as you can read is a card to a girlfriend, which then has ‘You’re my favourite’. Hmm, not really feeling the love right there. Haha.

valentines day

I Love You should be said and shown all the time. So while I have just dampened Valentines Day, it’s not all about the love between partners. This year, like previous ones, we will be enjoying a 3-course meal. This time though we will be sitting down together as a family. We often do this anyway many times throughout the year and it is something I love. Even after this many years of being a mother and a wife, I still pinch myself of how lucky I am to have these 3 in my life.

So enough of that and onto the 3-course meal which I tried to keep as cheap and cheerful as I can. It came in at just over £10 (for 4 of us), which also included a bottle of wine for the adults.

valentines meal

Minestrone Soup 600g (Aldi) 89p

Mediterranean Pork Loin with roasted Salad Potatoes and Carrots (Pork £2.69, Potatoes 500g 43p (1kg 85p), Carrots 400g 23p (1kg £57) £3.35

Apple Strudel with Custard (Strudel 85p, Custard 45p) £1.30

Red Wine (Aldi) £4.99

Total: £10.53

Now I bought everything from Aldi because that is my local shop and a great budget supermarket. I also did not want to make the soup or dessert myself because of 1; ease, and 2; with the prices, it was just worth buying it already done. You can make a 3-course meal however cheap or budget-friendly as you like, for instance, our wine cost half of the expense and we could have gone cheaper. However, it was a wine we both really liked.

So there you have it, our Valentines Meal Plan on the cheap for a lovely family-friendly meal making sure to spend time together.

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