Forget A Spring Clean, It’s A Major House Renovation Overhaul

spring clean for a major house renovation

March is now upon us and as you can hear the birds are singing, the flowers blossoming, and the weather changing to be slightly warmer, now is the time we usually do a spring clean. However, this year we are gearing up for a house extension and renovation project. Instead of a spring clean like I usually do every year, we will be doing a major overhaul of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!

With home extensions and renovations, of course, you can live in them, good luck for those that do with all the dust and extra cleaning. However, with 2 young little ones that require inhalers, the safe option is for us to move out. We are lucky in that we have a storage unit for our furniture, for free. Plus we are moving into my parent’s house for a few months, also free.

This is what the plan is for our Extreme Spring Clean in preparation for our House Project:

Clear Out

To start with every single thing in this house needs to be sorted through. We still have items in boxes from when we moved in that have not seen the light of day. Those items, of course, are not needed. I don’t want to be packing them up to move them around again. It really does not make sense. By doing this we should find that emptying the house should be slightly easier as, fingers crossed, we will have less stuff.

Sell, Sell, Sell

With all extensions and home renovations, they cost a fortune and almost always budgets are never stuck to. I’m hoping that by going through the house and selling items, furniture, even the kitchen sink, we can recoup a little money back. Plus who doesn’t want to get a deal on a kitchen sink that could potentially be used for their needs rather than buying new? It’s a win, win.

Packing Up

Yes, that is right, we are packing it all up again. We saved all the boxes from our house move and I will be buying a large roll of plastic to wrap the furniture in. Not only that but I want to rip up the carpets, take all the units that we can’t sell out and really take the house back to a let’s describe it as a natural state, although I think everyone else would probably say building site.

With everything out and the major overhaul completed it should really set us up to be prepared for next years spring clean in our new, decluttered, and on budget home.

Are you gearing up for a Spring Clean?
Or maybe you are planning an Extension or a Renovation project this year?

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