Making Time For Quality Family Fun With Wicked Uncle

Spending quality time together as a family can be hard. In between school, work, household chores, and all the other things that steal families time over the week, you start to use up every hour in the day. I am sure we have all wondered many times how we are just going to fit everything in and allow for some quality family time! Luckily Wicked Uncle has provided a solution.

My husband commutes to London so spends 12 hours a day out of the house, and I work nights. We are like ships passing in the night. This is probably happening in your household too. When the weekend rolls around we really try hard to squeeze in that family time. But once you have scheduled it, then comes the biggest question of what to do! Finding something that will entertain all the family together and be in some way educational and get you outside, almost makes you want to give up before you begin. However when Wicked Uncle offered us the opportunity to test out some products we jumped at it.

quality family time

Wicked Uncle sells gifts and toys for all ages. Their simple website layout, allows you to filter the products by age and gender. This is what we did when looking for the perfect toy to trial as a family. We whittled it down to a few age-appropriate choices before handing it over to the experts, our girls Mabel (5), and Martha (4). After much deliberating they chose a couple of outdoor toys – Jump Rocket, Pocket Vortex Howler and a fun educational one, the Magneti’Book – Learn To Tell The Time. The girls were so excited when it all arrived that we headed out to enjoy some fun family time with them all.

quality family time

We headed out to a nearby country park to find a suitable launch site for the Jump Rocket and a big enough space to allow for us to fully utilise the Pocket Vortex Howler. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the launches because of adverse weather. This was not a problem because we moved to a local coffee shop for a debrief and to wait to see if more favourable conditions would allow for a launch.

quality family time

While we waited the girls were able to enjoy learning to tell the time with the help of the Magneti’Book. They both already love trying to work out what time daddy is coming home, or when dinner, school or bedtime is. The toy comes with 83 magnets which help to create 8 different everyday activities that the girls would experience. This really helps them visualise things rather than just having numbers or hands on a clock. With so many magnets it is great that they are secured in the box. This makes it easy to take on adventures in case option 1 of family time can no longer happen.

family time with wicked uncle

Having spent time together, giggling, learning, and teaching each other new things it has everyone excited to do it all again this weekend. Yes, we are on a mission to try and launch our rocket. However, we will also have other options with us just in case the weather is bad. We don’t want to miss any opportunity to do fun family things together.

Why not head over to Wicked Uncle and pick out some fun things that your family will enjoy and spend some quality family time together.

*I received a voucher to spend at Wicked Uncle for Free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*

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