‘The Art Of Shadows’ – Photowall Review

When it comes to decorating a room there is nothing better than a good piece of wall art. So when Photowall got in touch and invited me to review one of their products, I said yes straight away. How could I not!

At Photowall they have a wide range of wallpaper murals, canvas, framed prints and posters on offer. There are an incredible amount of photos and illustrations to choose from in many different categories from landscapes, flowers, transport, vintage to children pictures, plus many more.

If you want to use your own photo then you have the option to add the image instead. With so much choice I can guarantee there is something for everyone’s taste. It would definitely make a great gift for someone who might be hard to buy for.

The poster we chose was ‘The Art of Shadows’ and we added the Smoked Ash Hanger. When it arrived the poster was not attached to the hanger. This you have to do yourself, along with if you had chosen a canvas etc. With simple instructions, all the fixings required, a good quality product, I put it together within 5 minutes. It looked perfect.

The poster is all about shadows and has 9 illustrations of how to create animal shadows with your hands. It makes it great for both adults and children alike as we all like to, or have when younger, created hand shadows. With this in mind, we decided to have it hanging in our hallway so it can be the first thing people see. By doing this it has put a smile on peoples faces as well as a talking point. And we all know we could do with some fun and laughter right now.  Mabel and Martha absolutely love the poster and they spend time trying to copy one of the images to create an animal shadow. I am sure with practice they will be able to do each one in no time.

We are now looking at purchasing a wall mural when we finish our house renovations and know exactly where it’s going to go. But for me, that will have to wait for a few months. However for you, my readers, I have a 25% off discount code: rollingwithmarbles2020. This code will expire in a month, so what are you waiting for? Add something different to your home, brighten up a room or create some fun and laughter with something as simple as wall art.

*I received a Free product for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own.*

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