The Essentials For Home Renovation

home renovation

Home Renovation is most definitely stressful. In between negotiating with builders and picking out the littlest details for all the nooks and crannies, it’s easy to get wrapped up in it all and not see the forest for the trees. Throw in having a busy household with little children and suddenly you’re on a spiral to having a meltdown.

Don’t Panic! I have a list of some home renovation essentials that might just help in the situation.

You see, we have picked out the floors and tiles, worked out our budget (for the Nth time!), and finally have been feeling confident about the direction our dream home is heading in. However, we will not be putting our feet up just yet. There are some crucial aspects to home renovations that can’t afford to be overlooked.

DIY: Destruct It Yourself

When doing a home renovation it’s an experience. It allows you to get physical when demolishing things whilst also visualising how things are going to be. Not to mention, you could save money by doing it yourself. But wait a minute, make sure you consult an expert on how to do demolition right. Otherwise, you might take out an essential load-bearing wall or mess up the electricity or plumbing. We made sure to speak with our builder for a list of jobs that we could do ourselves and do it safely. This meant we got the go-ahead to demolish our fireplace so it is ready for the next stage, removed cornicing, and also took out some built-in cupboards. When you are doing any destructing work yourself, just make sure you are careful. 

home renovation

Long-Term Benefits vs. Short-Term Costs

With things being expensive, choosing pricier materials upfront may pay off in the long run. You have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you really are struggling between what your dream is and the cold heart reality, then consult your architect to see if and where you could save money on the design itself. We were amazed when our architect went through the plans and quickly shaved off £1000’s within 5 minutes. By having smarter fits that require fewer materials and less craftsmanship to assemble means there is more money in your wallet. Short-term relief for long-term happiness!

Inspect and Correct

Are you taking on a fixer-upper? Make sure to get it inspected before you take renovations any further. It won’t matter how much money you put into your house if it’s not up to building regulations. Not to mention, the sooner you spot issues in any of the plumbing, wiring, or heating, the sooner you can fix the problems and save yourself money in the long run.
Our house is an older property which means some things need to be taken back to basics. Plus we found out through discussions with the plumber that our water pipes would need an upgrade to cope with the supply to a larger home. This means we can get things done right from the beginning. Also with many older properties, you might have trouble with the grouts and anchors, which are essentially the fixtures and glue for beams. Over time they decay and can potentially compromise the integrity of your home.

There are many more tips that will help you get to your dream home, but these three are perhaps the most important to consider. Just remember when it comes to home renovations, that safety is at the top of the list. Investing in quality materials will save you money in the long run, and asking for help will only help you. Best of Luck! Let’s work towards that dream home!

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