We Are Here Again – Martha’s School Place Offer Is In.

school placement

It is school placement day today for Martha, and it follows only a year from when Mabel found out hers. We applied for a place in October and found out today the verdict.

Low and behold Martha will be going to the same school as her sister and the one just down the road from us. It was pretty much a guarantee due to it being a small village school, but it is always nice to have it in writing.

She has already been attending there in the preschool in which they share the room with the reception class. So when September rolls around it won’t be a massive shock because she already knows her surroundings, her teacher, and the process of being in a school environment.

With everything that has been going on around the world and the lockdown, I do hope the schools will open again before she starts in September so she doesn’t fall behind too much. But today has been a great day to find out as it has got her very excited and cheered us all up.

I hope everyone else got the places they wanted too and are excited for September to roll around.

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