4 Essential Touches To Add To Your Bathroom This Summer

Renovating or just revamping your bathroom can be one of the most expensive projects to take up in your home. However, not everybody is in the position to remodel a whole room, whether this is because they are only renting the property or due to budgeting reasons.

Luckily, there are some little touches you can add to this room to give it a completely different feel, without eating into your savings.

Before getting started with your project, you should ensure that there are no underlying issues that can ruin the results of your hard work. Blocked drains, for example, are one of the most common inconvenience house owners have to deal with, but they are easy to solve if you know who to consult.

Extra lighting

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and you are bound to spend some of your time in it, daily. No matter whether you like reading a newspaper, perfecting your makeup, or enjoying a book in the bath, proper lighting in the bathroom is essential, yet rarely we can enjoy a source of natural light in it.

When rethinking the lighting system, there are different kinds of lights to consider:

Task lights – focusing on a specific area, make the completion of a task much easier. Task lights in the bathroom are often located by the mirror to assist with makeup application, shaving etc.. They are best mounted at eye level, on the side of the mirror rather than above.

Accent lights – excellent to create a focal point and draw attention to a specific location of the room.

Ambient lights – this is arguably an essential type of light and the one you might be using the most. Ambient lights have the task of filling the room with light, and they are usually located on the ceiling.

touches to add to your bathroom


Adding houseplants to your bathroom can freshen up the atmosphere and improve the air quality of a room that, in most cases, can be small and featuring little windows. However, you should ensure the plant in question can tolerate drastic temperature changes, high humidity levels, and low light.

Generally, tropical plants are ideal to be kept in the bathroom. Some of the best ones to consider include:

– Pothos
– Bird’s Nest Fern
– Aloe Vera
– Calathea Concinna or Freddie Plant
– Snake Plant
– Gardenia
– Spider Plant

touches to add to your bathroom

Stools and hangers

If you wish to revamp a bathroom that is already quite small, clutter can drastically reduce the space to enjoy and create a claustrophobic atmosphere. Adding hangers and stools create off-the-floor space on which to store towels and clothes. If you are looking for a more exciting alternative, bamboo or wooden ladders can be moved easily from a location to another and add a special touch to the decor of your bathroom.

touches to add to your bathroom


There is no better strategy to make a room look airier and more spacious than adding mirrors in strategic locations. Indeed, even a small frame located oppositely to a source of natural light can increase the lighting in the room and open up space. Alternatively, mirrors can help you put an accent on the wallpaper you are so proud of!

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