“Rolling With Marbles” Ended Up Being True

Oh boy, do I have a story to tell you.

rolling with marbles

So we are now at the end of Week 7 in isolation. I have to say things have been getting easier with having a routine for both ourselves and the girls. But then something happens and you just think WTF! Why Now!

Well, I have always liked my blog name ‘Rolling with Marbles’. That was until it became true. You see Mabel thought it was a good idea to put a marble in her mouth. You can guess the next part. She bloody swallowed it, didn’t she? I have to say it was not on my watch as I was in bed after working all night. My husband takes the first shift of homeschooling in the morning, but unfortunately on this day, Mabel had thought it a good idea to accidentally swallow the marble. Of course, I was awoken by my husband yelling, “why did you put a marble in your mouth”. To which Mabel replied, “I didn’t know where else to put it”. Sorry, you have to laugh at the response.

Anyway, as we had not had this happen before we phoned 111 to get advice. Mabel was not choking. She didn’t have any pain. She felt fine, other than possibly feeling a bit silly. The 111 women told my husband to take her to the hospital. Which was, in fact, the wrong advice. They do not x-ray for marbles. The only fun job we could do was to check the poo.

I can’t tell you how many times we have checked her poo, but absolutely nothing seems to have appeared. So where did it go? It is quite possible that we missed it. I do feel a bit sad because after doing such a mucky job you want to see the actual thing that caused the problems. Ahh well, I suppose the main thing is she’s happy, healthy and completely fine. Although Marthas Marble run is down a marble. We won’t tell her.

So there you have it. A lovely story that couldn’t be any more true to the name of this blog ‘Rolling with Marbles’. Now let’s hope that is the only time it happens. However, we all know children like to keep parents on their toes.

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