A Week Back At School After Lockdown

The girls have been back at school for a week and it has made such a positive impact on them. I know some people have their own opinions and may have chosen to do things differently but sending both our girls back was the best decision for us.

This whole pandemic has really shaken and thrown the whole world into such a scary and confusing time. Throughout these months of lockdown, I have seen it really affect the girl’s in a negative way. It has been hard to explain to them why they can’t see friends and family. Even when they are allowed to they have to stay 2 meters apart. Everything that the girls have been excited about doing and achieving this year has come to a stop. The girls understand there is a ‘nasty bug’ and that once it is over, they can start to do things again. But still, never did I ever think this would have lasted as long as it has.

With the schools opening to only Preschool, Reception, Years 1 and 6 have shown a split in opinions. Parents choosing to send their children back to school or not I find it to have no right or wrong answer. Everyone’s experience of this whole pandemic has been different. Throughout these past few months, I have been working and have my work colleagues to socialise with (not social distancing as we can’t). It has been fairly normal apart from being busier. I have been able to get out every day so I have less of a fear of the unknown. Someone who may have been stuck in their house, in their community might possibly feel that by sending the children back there is a risk element. I get it.

Anyway, after many months of being at home, little by little we are gradually coming out the other side. With the girls going back to school it has really been a positive step for both them and us. We are fortunate to live in a small village where the number of children in the class is low. That said the school made a wonderful decision to erect a wedding marquee on the playing field. This marquee is Mabel’s classroom. They have mats on the floor which is their own personal space and a tray for their own work. Plus each child gets their own hand sanitizer to use too. It really is a fabulous way to get the rules in place but have it be fun.

Within the preschool, similar rules apply with keeping on top of hygiene and doing things for themselves. It really helps Martha to be that bit more independent and it shows by how she acts at home. Just hearing the giggles as the children play together over the fence is wonderful. She always has a smile on her face when we collect her so I know she is having the time of her life.

So, yes school is different and the girls are learning new rules, but my god do they love it. Hopefully, this will continue and we as a country can get to a place to allow more normality back into our children’s lives. We will just have to wait that little bit longer to see.

Did you send your children back or continue to home school?


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