A House Tour Before Our House Extension and Renovation Project

Our house project of a single-storey rear and side extension plus renovation has finally started. What with COVID-19 and being put into lockdown, it was all up in the air as to whether it would be possible this year. So I am extremely happy and excited that it has FINALLY begun.

It has been a few weeks since we moved out and in that time lots have happened. The Archaeology has been done, which I will explain more about in an upcoming post, building regulations are being approved, and the builders are in full swing of knocking everything down. Eeek. Before I start showing you each of the stages of turning our house into our dream home. I thought it best to give you a quick glimpse of what it looked like before.

When we moved in back in October 2018, I took a quick house tour video which you can view below. You can see the layout and some of the problems that the house had. E.g A long hallway that had lots of turns. We also upon living there for over a year noticed rooms that were just not utilised. Anyway, hopefully, you get a good idea of what it looked like before we started to transform it into our dream house.

There are obviously things that might change as we go through this process. This is something we are very open to as we want to be realistic and also keep it budget-friendly too. However, we are super excited as well as being nervous all at the same time. I also have a previous post which does include our plans and how we chose our Architect for anyone who might be planning on an extension or renovation project.

Fingers crossed things run as smoothly as they can.

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