Simple Design Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom

bedroom design ideas

Your bedroom is the room in your house where you probably spend the most time. After all, you sleep there. Did you know all humans spend around one-third of their whole life sleeping? Well, now you do. Even if you are a parent, a busy worker or a nomadic renter, your bedroom should still be a sanctuary of calm, peace and elegance. After all, studies have shown that a cluttered, messy, disorganised or dirty room can lead to poor sleep and increased stress. 

Your bedroom space should reflect how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning, which for most people is energetic but calm, refreshing but tranquil. However, this is not a reality for most people. Life gets on top of you, and soon you find yourself drowning in piles of laundry, tripping over kids’ toys and getting into bad habits. So how can you achieve this delicate balance, particularly with the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life getting in the way? Here are some awesome, simple design ideas which will transform your bedroom into the space you deserve.

Less Is More.

The phrase ‘less is more’ applies to many things, and your bedroom layout is one of them. It is so easy to allow clutter to build up in your bedroom, with piles of laundry, messy dressing tables, stacked bedside tables and debris all standing in the way of you achieving harmonious simplicity. But how can you achieve the ‘less is more’ attitude? 

Firstly, try not to hoard things that no longer serve you. Just because you loved something five years ago and wore it all the time, doesn’t mean you should hold onto it now. You are always growing and changing, so allow your belongings to move on as your life does. Secondly, the ‘less is more’ aesthetic takes practice. You won’t achieve it on your first day. Daily ten-minute tidying, and giving each belonging a place in the room, help you achieve calm and beauty in your bedroom.

bedroom design ideas

Neutral Tones, With The Occasional Pop Of Colour.

Neutral colours are very much ‘in’ nowadays – but it’s not for everyone. Your house doesn’t have to be an all-beige Kim Kardashian inspired monastery, but having too much clashing colour can make your bedroom feel and look chaotic. If you don’t want to go full-on neutral, try adding a pop of colour to your room. For example, if your wardrobes, chest of drawers, bed and walls are all neutral colours, you can incorporate a bright patterned rug or throw blanket to add dynamic to the space. This is a simple solution to finding your bedroom too bland, without making the place look like Disneyland. Remember, your bedroom should be the room in the house you go to when you want to rest and feel tranquil. It’s all about balance.

bedroom design ideas


Adding houseplants to your space is relatively inexpensive and will add a burst of life to your bedroom. Even if you only have a small bedroom, one or two medium-sized plants in tasteful pots will add character and a breath of fresh air to your bedroom space. Houseplants are not difficult to take care of, but if you are new to the plant-parent life, make sure to research easy-care houseplants which are practically unkillable. Once they are in your bedroom, the room will feel stale without them.

Did you know that there are health benefits to having houseplants? There are houseplants which are considered by experts to be air-purifying, meaning they help you breathe more easily while you sleep. These amazing living things will transform your bedroom in more ways than one. Here are a few easy-care houseplants!

  •  Golden Pothos, a.k.a Devil’s Ivy. The clue is in the nickname. This stunning variegated vine plant will grow in bright light or in shade and doesn’t mind if you forget to water it once in a while. Plus, the stunning tendrils will wind and grow towards the light, creating gorgeous visuals.
  • Monstera Deliciosa, a.k.a Swiss Cheese Plant. This beautiful house plant might be the most popular ever. The wide, flat green leaves have fenestrations, or holes, which cast lovely shadows. These plants will grow and grow – you’ll need to cut them back!

  • Snake Plant, a.k.a Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. Sharp and unstoppable, the snake plant looks like a mix between long grass and aloe vera. The thick, waxy leaves provide stunning vertical visuals and will thrive just about anywhere.

    bedroom design ideas


If you are worried about your bedroom looking cramped or small, there is one quite simple solution to this problem. Some bedrooms appear small due to low ceilings or dimmer light, which can make you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Adding a large mirror to your wall, or investing in a mirrored wardrobe, creates the illusion of a larger room which is spacious and bright. A large mirror tricks the eye and makes you feel like you have more breathing room, turning your cramped room into a spacious haven. 

Plus, a large mirror helps reflect light and brighten the room. If you have small windows or live in a low light climate, try giving your bedroom a mirror makeover that might just be the solution you’ve been searching for all along!

Smart Storage Options

To encourage simplicity in your bedroom, utilise every single storage option you have. One thing that clutters up your bedroom is not having smart storage which means your clothes and belongings are overflowing out of your cupboards. Nowadays there are countless options you can find which help you efficiently store your belongings and effectively create a clean, simple look in your room. Here are just a few great storage solutions for the bedroom.

  • Storage Beds. This type of bed frame is often slightly more expensive, but boy, it is worth it. Storage beds are bed frames which have either drawers or a handy storage box built-in under the mattress slats. These spacious additions can store bedding, clothing, shoes, towels – just about anything you need to be put away and out of sight. This is a fantastic solution which helps your bedroom appear clean and minimalistic.
  • Rails. A clothing rail might sound like something you’d expect to see in H&M, not your home, but do not underestimate the power of a clothing rail. If your space is small and a bulky wardrobe won’t fit, try purchasing a clothing rail which goes perfectly along a wall in your bedroom. Your clothes can even be organised in colour blocks, to add a colourful finish to this stylish, minimal storage solution.
  • End-of-bed chest. Like an old fashioned pirate’s chest, an end-of-bed chest will hold many treasures. These stylish and deceptively deep and large chests help you store any additional clothing or linen. Plus it adds a gorgeous, rustic feeling to your bedroom. Incorporating a signature decor piece with handy storage – what could be better?

Your bedroom should not be a source of stress, but instead a source of relaxation and good moods. Adding simple decorative measures to your bedroom can make it seem bigger, brighter, less cluttered and more beautiful than ever. These helpful tips will give your home a totally revitalised feeling. It will make the room into the gorgeous space you deserve for it to be. 

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