Hello Autumn, Where Did You Come From!


Well Hello, September and the start of Autumn! Where did you come from! It’s insane to me that we are over halfway through this month. It won’t be long until we are at the end of 2020. This has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone. It seems Autumn has just appeared out of nowhere. Well for me it has. I’ve been working 4/5/6 nights a week for the past 6 months and finally, my hours will be going back to a 3 am finish. I just can’t believe that this year has flown by. Mind you I am quite pleased because this is a year I do not want to ever repeat, do you?

I really like that we are into Autumn. There are ever-changing colours of natural beauty wherever you look. The Autumnal mornings, sunshine and the crisp air are followed by evenings spent cosying up by the fire. At the moment we are living at my parent’s house, so that means no fire yet, but when we get back to ours after the renovation is finished hopefully we will be doing just that. Warming ourselves up with a nice cup of hot chocolate with all the toppings too.

We have already seen Martha start school with Mabel, which has been nice to get back into a routine. Plus there are some more things to look forward to. Mabel will turn 6 in just a few weeks so hopefully, we can arrange to do something lovely for her. For her Birthday we were going to Spain. However, with everything happening we felt it better to rearrange it for next year. We also have Halloween coming up, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Sunday, Christmas, New Year and spending more time together as a family.

Autumn for me is where I can start to focus on Christmas. Where are we going to be? Who are we going to see and when? What food will we have? And of course present hunting! With adverts ever-increasing on the TV it has been a constant thing with girls saying, “I want that”, “I want that too”, “Oh and that”. They are definitely getting excited about it.

I am very much happy to be in Autumn and to move on from this incredibly hard Spring and Summer. The year will hopefully end with positiveness as we continue into 2021.

Anyone else happy to be finally in Autumn? Any plans for the coming months?

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