Martha Has Started School (A New Normal)

started school

Last week saw both the girls go back to school. Mabel went into Year 1 and Martha finally started the journey of fulltime education in Reception. It’s something I have both been looking forward to and also at the same time is such a weird feeling. I mean it was only last year when we were here with Mabel starting school. Now, my youngest is no longer with me and the house feels slightly empty. (Well our house is empty because it is currently going through building work, but you know what I mean.)

Martha has been so excited to start school for such a long time. Although when it got closer she did say that she was a little bit nervous. Who could blame her, what with everything that has been going on the past 6 months! However, getting into a good routine is needed. As always with school, she just waltzed in, not even a second glance back. I think she enjoys the fact that she has to wear a school uniform just like her big sister. It makes her seem so grown up though.

School is very much a different place right now. Before entering school the girls get their temperature checked, each class are in their own bubble so they can’t play with another class (therefore Mabel and Martha don’t interact), they have to take their own pencil cases, packed lunch is provided but not hot meals as of yet, different entrances and exits for each year group, and also lots of cleaning.

The thing is even with all these changes the girls, and children in general, are very resilient and don’t actually mind them. They have accepted them and just go along with it, which is just wonderful. I sometimes feel with some of the changes it makes the girls more independent. They are also just happy to be back with their teachers and friends.

Now I am looking forward to the next few months of getting a good routine in place with the addition of dance, gymnastics and swimming. It’s about time we got on with life in a new normal.

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