The Impact On Family Life When Doing A House Renovation

Well, what can I say? We are a few months into our house extension/renovation project and the finish line is in sight. The impact that this process has had on us as a family has not been easy both physically and emotionally. Of course, there is also the financial situation. However, I have a spreadsheet so I am hoping I have kept on top of everything in that department.

The house has moved from being a shell and open to the elements with dust everywhere, to finally having the kitchen installed. We had walls demolished, an extension built, floors dug up, floors raised, doorways/windows blocked up, new doorways created, radiators and pipework removed, boiler removed, plus kitchen and bathrooms ripped out.

house renovation

It was a complete and utter mess, but that is part of the process. We had to take things right back to the core before putting it all back together. I have to say seeing your home ripped apart is quite a weird experience to go through. Focusing on the end goal really helps to see past it all though.

While the house is going through its changes we have been living at my parent’s house. Now I know not everyone has the option to move out, but we did. It has allowed the builders to just get on with things both inside and outside, which should take less time to complete. But the main factor for moving out was that Mabel suffers from Asthma and requires an inhaler daily. It just would have been a health hazard being there with all the dust.

Whilst we have been living here my parents moved into their static caravan. The problem we have is that the house has everyone’s belongings in it. Our things are in boxes and bits and pieces are just everywhere. It has become claustrophobic. When we had the lockdown and now a potential future lockdown most time is spent indoors which has been difficult for all of us.

Doug has also been working from home so the main living space has turned into his office. It means that there is absolutely nowhere to actually get away by yourself. We are just all on top of each other which creates us all to be impatient. It obviously all feels very different because this is not our house, but we are grateful to be here. We just all can’t wait until we can move back into our own home.

The past few months have seen us being anxious and stressed as a family, but things do seem to be all coming together. We are finally at the finishing line of this house renovation and I can’t wait to show you all what we have done to create our dream home.

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