Maximizing Natural Light Within Your Home

natural light

Embracing natural light can make your home a happier and healthier environment. It can also be much cheaper and greener than relying off on artificial lighting in the day. Below are just several ways to maximize natural light within your home.

Add more windows

Adding extra windows to your property is the most effective way to let in more natural light. This could include converting empty wall space into windows or it could involve adding a skylight into a ceiling. Windows can even be incorporated into doors – sliding glass doors and frosted glass front doors can all help to let light in just like a window.

To have windows installed can be expensive, so make sure that you’ve got the budget for it. You should also never attempt to install a window yourself unless you’ve had professional training.

Use mirrors to reflect light

Mirrors can create the illusion of extra windows in your home. They’ll help reflect lots of sunlight and make your home a lot brighter.

There are many different forms of mirrors to consider including wall-mounted mirrors, mirrored wardrobes and mirrored cabinets. By the same token, reflective surfaces such as stainless steel, polished stone and laminate wood can have a similar effect.

Make use of bright colours

It’s also worth noting that certain colours are more reflective than others.  Whites, yellows and creams are excellent choices of colour for helping to reflect natural light around the home.

If your home consists mainly of darker colours, it could be time to grab some paint and pick a lighter hue. On top of painting walls in lighter colours, you could consider lighter tones of wood and lighter fabrics.

Remove interior walls

You can help natural light to reach the deepest areas of your home by removing interior walls. Open plan layouts are incredibly popular nowadays and they can have other added benefits such as making it easier to communicate.

Removing interior walls is a job that is probably best left to professionals. Failing to identify a load-bearing wall could result in your whole home crashing down.

Regulate light with blinds and shutters

Blinds and shutters can give you more control over the level of light coming into your home. For both light control and security, consider aluminium shutters. If you’d prefer something cheaper and lighter, stick to blinds.

Reduce exterior obstacles

There could be obstacles outside your home that are blocking the sun and preventing it from entering your home. This could include large plants and hedges. Consider ways in which you can tackle these exterior obstacles. You may be able to trim a bush or even remove a tree. You won’t, however, be able to remove obstacles that are not on your land (such as a large tree in a neighbour’s garden). 

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