Removing Trees From Your Property – Is It Always Unethical?

By now we are all aware of how essential trees are for our planet’s health. Trees are the lungs of the earth, so scientists say because they absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we need to breathe. Not only this, but trees provide essential habitats for birds and other wildlife, while of course making our earth incredibly beautiful, rich and diverse. Trees are, there’s no question about it, essential for our entire world.

So when it comes to landscaping or building on your land, how do you get past removing trees from the land? We have all been made aware, over the last few years, of the devastation that deforestation is having on our climate. So is removing trees always unethical, or are there ways to do it sustainably?

The short answer is no, it is not always totally unethical to remove trees from the land. Here you will find helpful answers to your concerns about tree removal, helping you understand the good and bad of taking away trees!

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Habitat Protection

When looking to remove trees from your land in order to build there, your first port of call should be habitat protection. Here are a few factors to consider in this area.

  • The type of tree it is. If the tree you are looking to remove is rare or very old, it may be protected by law against removal. So your first step is to research the species of tree you are looking to remove and have it assessed by an expert to determine its age and status of protection.
  • Which creatures live there? Once again, certain types of tree in certain parts of the world are protected due to the fact that they provide essential habitats for endangered or rare species, such as owls, hedgehogs and other woodland creatures. In this case, you may want to reconsider removing the tree, even if it is legal – it is likely this animal needs its home more than you need to build there. 
Wood Disposal

When you decide to go ahead with tree removal, it is essential that you pay attention to wood disposal. Indeed, there will be numerous options depending on your area and its regulations, which give you options on how to dispose of, or re-use, the wood that is felled. For example, you could use the wood for firewood in areas where this is legal; you could additionally sell it to manufacturers who can turn it into furniture or building materials. This would help make your decision more ethical and sustainable. 

Replacing Habitat

If you do decide to remove trees, ensure that you provide alternative places for woodland creatures such as birds and squirrels to access food and safety. You could install owl boxes on your property, for example, which would help wildlife to stay in your area and fend for themselves without the trees. 

Final Thoughts

Felling trees is not always unethical. Using this guide, you can take this option in the most careful and considered way you possibly can.

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