Getting Dull Whites Back To Being Bright With The #ACEit Challenge

Our household seems to be incredibly busy at the moment. There is a constant coming and going as well as having all the household chores to do. Plus if you have children you will know all too well how quickly piles of washing can appear. The last time I actually managed to find the end of it was quite a while ago.

Finding a good stain remover and one that can brighten up clothes is hard to come by, however, we have been lucky to have tried ACE products before and know first hand at how good it can work. The problem we have had is when it comes to brightening up whites. That in itself has been quite difficult to do. There have been some items we have had to rewash because we have been unable to get stains out or even muddy marks.

ACE Ultra for whites

This week we have taken part in the #ACEit challenge to see if the use of ACE Ultra for whites can indeed make our dull whites clean and brighter. In order for us to do this challenge, we received a Free bottle of the ACE Ultra.

– It’s specifically formulated to help brighten dull whites
– It’s gentle on delicate clothes
– It tackles germs and odours, including viruses. That means not only do your clothes smell cleaner, they are actually cleaner – something that is important in this current climate
– It’s concentrated, making it among the most affordable ways to keep white clothes looking bright!
– It’s available in Morrisons
– Note: ACE Ultra does include Bleach

When it came to ACE Ultra I just had to give it a try. We had bathroom mats that were no longer white and the girl’s schools socks/PE top would come home with all sorts of things on them.

As usual, when trying out new things all I can do is hope for the best. I hadn’t really thought too much about what the outcome would be until I saw it. The bathroom mats came out such a bright white, which was such a relief, as they are not mine but my parents. My previous cleaning regime for them had not been working, so it was a major plus to see this.

ACE Ultra for whites

When it came to the girl’s school socks and PE Tops they came out really clean. I must admit there were some very small marks still left. However, I think I had the washing on the wrong setting. Even so, they were a damn lot better than what they were.

#ACEit ACE Ultra
Having done this challenge I have been impressed with the ACE Ultra for whites. I can honestly say it has worked an absolute treat for us, and just in time for school to start again after this half term.

*This post is an entry for the #ACEit Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites, treat stains and laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!*


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