14 Ways To Keep The Family Home Running Smoothly

Keeping the family home running smoothly is down to the entire family. Making sure you all take responsibilities for certain tasks in the home will ensure that things get done and you can stay on top of the important stuff. If you’re struggling with this at the moment, the 14 tips below can help you to keep everything running as it should be and give you peace of mind: 

1. Know How To Prioritize Certain Tasks

Knowing how to prioritize certain tasks will ensure you get the most important things done even when you are super busy. Each day, ensure you prioritize your top 3 tasks of the day. Prioritizing too many could leave you feeling deflated if you don’t get them all done. Prioritizing 3 is often manageable. Then, anything you get done on top of those 3 tasks is a huge bonus. You don’t need to get anything else done, though – you’ll feel accomplished enough with the 3 ticked off. 

2. Hire Help if You Need It

Knowing when to get help is a skill. It can feel like you absolutely have to get everything done alone, but that’s not the case. You need to assess what is more important: time or money? It’ll cost you money to get help, but then you’ll have the thing that nobody can buy; time. If you’re looking at John Guest Fittings and wondering how you’re going to manage to install them, it’s probably best to hire a professional who knows how to do it. Don’t be afraid to look into hiring a cleaner, either. You don’t need to have them come in all the time, but they could take care of the deep cleans. This allows you to do mini cleanings throughout the week. If you’re always struggling and short on time, this is a good way to get some of that time back. 

3. Make Sure Everybody Does Their Fair Share 

Make sure that no member of your household is slacking or not doing their bit. Everybody should be doing their fair share – even your kids! Young kids can still take responsibility for smaller tasks, depending on their skill level. Letting them do this instead of feeling the need to control everything will teach them some important life lessons and enable them to grow into self-sufficient teens and adults. Allowing them to sit around all day while you do the brunt of the work isn’t going to be helpful for anyone. 

4. Prep Dinner Early

Prepping dinner early will ensure you can just throw things in a pan and get them started later – or you can use a slow cooker and have your meal cooking all day. Put aside a day and prep a few meals if you can, and you’ll feel much better knowing you have lunch/dinner for a few days ready. 

family home running smoothly

5. Make A To-Do List

Having a to-do list can help you to start each day with a clear head, knowing exactly what you need to do. If you don’t like to-do lists, then you need to set a rule for yourself each day so that you don’t fall behind. For example, you could aim to clean at least one big thing each day as a rule; this could be the bath/shower, the oven, or something else, for example. If you do this based on what you think needs it, you should be able to keep things fairly clean and in order. How you do it depends on you and what motivates you the most. 

6. Do the Hardest Tasks First 

Most of the time, taking care of the hardest tasks first is the best and most effective way to get things done. If you don’t do the hardest tasks, or task, first, then you’ll be carrying this with you for the rest of the day. Many people pick less important tasks and procrastinate with them. Other people tell themselves that they will get around to the harder task in a minute, but it ends up falling by the wayside and not getting done. By getting into the habit of tackling the hardest tasks first, not only will you feel fearless, but you’ll also feel free the rest of the day. You don’t want that difficult task hanging over your head! 

7. Make a Meal Plan

A meal plan ensures you know what you need to buy and what you need to prep for the day/week ahead. This can change seasonally, but keeping it fairly consistent will make your life easier. You’ll be able to pick meals you can cook quickly, and include vegetables and other ingredients to keep your family healthy. Balanced meals are key for a happy family. 

8. Prep What You Can The Evening Before

Prep what you can the evening before – this could be chopping vegetables, getting everyone’s outfits out of the closet, writing out your list, or doing something else to save time and effort. It might seem like minimal effort, and even like it can wait until morning, but you’ll probably be glad you did this. 

9. Make Your Bed 

Making your bed won’t really have a huge impact on the rest of your home, but, there’s a good reason this is recommended by experts. When we make our beds in the morning, we tend to feel accomplished right away. That feeling of accomplishment can come with us throughout the rest of the day, helping us to get even more done. It’s one box ticked off immediately, as soon as you’re out of bed. It can really help us to get into the right mindset for the rest of the day. Plus, it ensures your bedroom always looks reasonably tidy. Make sure your family get into this habit, too!

family home running smoothly

10. Get Dressed Every Morning

If you haven’t got work or any place to be, don’t stay in your loungewear or pyjamas. It can be tempting, but getting dressed can ensure we get more done. You’d be surprised at how clothing can put us in certain mindsets and make us more or less productive. 

11. Don’t Hold Onto Items You Don’t Need or Use

Holding onto items you don’t need or use does nothing but clutter up your mind and household. Be vigilant and get rid of things that you haven’t used in 6 months or more. You will free up a lot of space. 

12. Never Multitask

If you vow to never multi-task, this means you always have to finish the task you are on. Multi-tasking might make us feel like we’re getting things done faster, but we’re actually often doing things much slower. It can potentially make us distracted while we’re at it. 

13. Make Sure Everything Has A Place In The Home

Everything should have a place in your home so you know where it lives when it comes to tidying up. Make sure you don’t have random things laying in random places. Often surfaces can become a dumping ground for papers, documents, and other bits and pieces. This can make the space look seriously cluttered, and having things dotted all over can be a huge drain on your productivity. 

14. Lower Your Expectations

It sounds sad, but lowering your expectations, both of yourself and your family is often the key to making sure your home runs smoothly. Stop with the attitude of ‘if I want it done properly I must do it myself’. Your kids may not be up to your standard of cleaning, but getting them involved is so much more beneficial!

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