Lapland Letters Sprinkles Some Christmas Magic

For the past 2 years, we have had the opportunity to review Lapland Letters and yet again I am happy to say we will be reviewing them again this year. We have recently been in the midst of moving into our house, which is why this post is going up a little later than I had hoped. Neither the less we are fully into Christmas mode now.

This year I think has been the hardest year for many people. The pandemic has really changed the way in which we live and covid has affected everyone. We have been in lockdown, twice. We have had to do homeschooling. Businesses shut, with some unfortunately for good. We have seen travel bans, then travel corridors, then back to travel bans. People losing their jobs. Lots and lots of people getting ill and dying. Wearing mandatory face masks. There is a 2m distance rule. We can’t see friends or family. There has been an endless list in which this pandemic has affected us.

There is, however, one thing that covid can not take away from us and my girls this year, and that is the ‘Magic of Christmas’. Normality for the girls this Christmas is knowing Santa will be coming to deliver presents to all the girls and boys of the world. They also receive a letter especially for them from the big man himself courtesy of Lapland Letters. I mean what better way to start the festive season.

Lapland Letters

What Is Included:

– Personalised Lapland Letter
– Lapland Stamped Envelope
– Secret Santa Map
– Activity Christmas Card and Thank You Santa Postcard
– Activity I Spy Santa Game and Colouring Door Hanger
– Santa Stop Here Poster
– Good Child Certificate
– Countdown To Christmas
– Santa Treat Board (on the back of the Countdown to Christmas)
– Santa’s Magic Key (Martha received the Reindeer Food in hers)

The letters are personalised for each child with their name, where they live, their best friend and what they would like for Christmas. You can either choose to have it from Father Christmas or Santa depending on what your child calls him. When the letters arrive they come in a red envelope with Santa’s stamp and a big question on the back. ‘Have You Been Good This Year? See Inside’. How exciting for any child! From ordering them to them arriving it was around a week.

This year we decided to have the elves deliver the letters to the girls. They had to wait until after school to open them because we were running very late in the morning. But as soon as it was time, they squealed with joy and excitement which really made the perfect start to making this Christmas special. As the girls are that little bit older they really held on to every single word that was read to them from Santas letter. They believe in it all.

Lapland Letters

The girls loved the extras they got with their letters. In no time at all, they were colouring in their countdown to Christmas advent and door hanger. After they finished they wanted to make the Mrs Claus cookie mix. It makes 2 large cookies or 4 elf-sized ones. Unfortunately, they are not to be made until Christmas Eve so they can be put out for Santa. Well at least one of the cookies is for Santa, but the girls have told me they have to test them first.

Yet again Lapland Letters delivered what they said they would. To make this year more ‘fantastical than ever’. It truly will be. Our hearts are full of happiness, our home is full of joy and our life is full of laughter. Oh and with a sprinkle of ‘Christmas Magic’

*I received these Lapland Letters for Free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*


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