Mabel’s Christmas Presents 2020

This year has been a little different when it comes to buying presents. With 2 lockdowns it has been hard to get out to shops to buy things. You will notice going through the list a lot of them were actually from Tescos, which is where I work. With my colleague card, it allows me to get a discount and save money.

Mabel’s main present that she wanted and will be from Santa, was the Microphone, so I know she will be one happy girlie when she opens it up on Christmas morning. If you would like to see what Mabel got from the previous years then click on a year. 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Here is what Mabel will be getting for Christmas from us and Santa in 2020.

Scentos Mega Colouring Set £8.50 (Tesco rrp £20, sale £10 + 15% Off)
Crystal Factory £8.99 (Home Bargains)
Kiwi Crate £12.07 (Kiwi Co rrp £19.67, Half Price Box £7.55 plus £4.52 delivery)
– Wireless Microphone £0 (Amazon rrp £28.99, sale £13.59 plus used Swagbucks voucher)
Kidz Wireless Headphones £10.20 (Tesco rrp £20, sale £12 + 15% Off)
The Adventure Kit £7.50 (Sainburys rrp £10, sale £7.50)
Team Gem Magic Gymnast Doll £4.99 (B & M rrp £10)
Lol Nail Polish and Surprise £1.35 (Tesco rrp £3, sale £1.50 + 10% Off)
Playmobil £1.99 (Home Bargains)
LOL Fuzzy Pets £3.50 (Tesco rrp £11.95, reduced to clear £3.50)
– LOL Surprise Glitter Series £5.50 (Tesco rrp £10.99, reduced to clear £5.50)
– Socks £3.50 (Tesco rrp £5.50, sale 25% off £4.12 + 20% off)
– Chalkboard £1.19 (Home Bargains)
Awesome Blossoms £1.99 (Home Bargains rrp £7.99)
Cadburys selection 81p (Tesco rrp 89p + 10% off)

Total: £72.08
Note: The total should have been at full price £155.15 which is a saving of £83.05 = 54%

Stocking Presents

Chocolate Orange 85p (Tesco rrp £1 + 15% Off)
– Jewellery Set 99p (Home Bargains)
Mini Polly Pocket £2.25 (Tesco rrp £2.50 + 10% Off)
– Rainbow Hand Gel £1 (B & M)
– Gingerbread Bath Bomb 99p (Home Bargains)
Rowntree Squishems Tube 90p (Tesco rrp £1 + 10% Off)
Unicorn Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers £1.80 (Tesco rrp £2 + 10% Off)

Total: £8.78
Note: The total should have been at full price £9.48 which is a saving of 70p = 7%

(The total for both Mabel and Martha’s Christmas presents and stockings came in at £157.09)

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