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Meal Plan 04/03/2019

This week I decided to take up an offer on Ocado for a percentage off my shop and Free delivery. We have had to take a step back from reducing plastic and try and do things one at a time…


Our Weekend Away To Dublin Was Not What We Expected.

Over the weekend the hubby and I managed to have a City escape, child-free, to Dublin. 3 nights of only looking after myself is meant to be pure bliss, right? Well, I found myself after the first day not enjoying…


Meal Plan 25/02/2019

We have just got back from a child-free weekend away in Dublin so instead of having all the deliveries from different places I have opted to do a shop at Aldi. Yes, there is a lot of plastic in my…


Meal Plan 11/02/2019

This week it is half term for us here and so we are going on an adventure to London on Tuesday where we will be heading to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, and at the end of the week will…


5 Family Films To Watch On Netflix During Half Term

If your anything like me half term can become quite exhausting as you have to entertain the children constantly. I mean it is great that you don’t have to get up and rush around in order to leave early to…


Meal Plan 4/02/2019

For the second week running, we have had the girls choose our meal plan from picking them out as a lucky dip on lollipop sticks. It is quite interesting especially if you get similar things but as every recipe is adaptable…


Martha Has Had Us A Little Worried This Week

This week has not started out that well and I have fallen behind with all the things I wanted to write and upload, plus I have a long list of jobs to do around the house and I am still…


Meal Plan 28/01/2019

As the weeks go by and we are almost into February, I am still in need of getting a grip on this whole reducing plastic thing. We are really trying to make things from scratch if we can, which the…


This Is What The Girls Think About Second Hand Gifts.

Is it wrong to give children second-hand toys for Christmas or Birthdays? I don’t think so and neither does Mabel and Martha You see quite a while ago when my parents were cleaning out their loft they came across lots…


8 Tips To Help Live Happily On One Income

In the world today there are many families that have both parents working and sometimes it is not by choice, but because they have to in order to cope with the rising cost of living. There are also families out…


Meal Plan 21/01/19

We have decided to try and reduce our meat intake to see if this will help to lower the number of different trips I am having to do in order to reduce plastic. I have also found some new companies…

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