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Day 9 – Mothers Day

Today is my 1st Mothers Day and all I need is my little girl. I am so lucky to wake up to this smiley munchkin every morning. She just loves life even when she is ill. And she makes me…


Day 8 – Lunch With Family

We are now a week into our holiday and today’s activities just involves one thing. Lunch with granny, grumps, uncle Jim and uncle Barney. I made sure to wrap Mabel up nice and warm, and what better way than to…


Day 7 – Kirkby Lonsdale and One Snotty Girl

Oh dear. We have one snotty girlie. Mabel’s cold has got worse to which she now has a sore throat, a cough and her nose is streaming. We were meant to go swimming this morning for the first time, but…


Day 6 – Kendal and Messy Breakfast

Yawn. For some reason Mabel was wide awake at 5:30am. What better way to entertain ourselves at that time than to take funny photos, and annoy daddy while he is sleeping.   Now for breakfast which should go without a…


Day 5 – Muker and Hawes

This morning saw lots of cuddles in bed as well as Mabel deciding to pull my hair. Ouch. While Mabel went for her morning playtime with granny and grumps, it was time to give the dog some much needed attention.…


Day 4 – Lake Windermere

After publishing my blog last night Mabel awoke with sick all down her. It meant lots of cuddles, a change of all clothes and back to bed. I didn’t hear anything from her again until the morning, where I noticed…


Day 3 – Rainy Day

Mabel stirred again last night so I was up and down like a yoyo. Not only that but the dog was barking downstairs at something that my mind started racing thinking someone had broken in. I think it was 3am…


Day 2 – Settling In

Last night didn’t exactly go to plan. With Mabel teething she woke up a few times wanting her dummy. Yawn. At 6:20am I awoke to nails scratching the side of the travel cot. Its that awful sound like nails on…


Our First Family Holiday – Day 1 – Getting There

This is where it begins! Excitement, Nervous, Stressed, Nauseous. I had planned today for a few weeks now making sure I had noted down every single thing that we needed to take away with us. It’s not like we were…


World Book Day

I am at the stage where I can start reading books to Mabel and she will take notice. As it is World Book Day today I thought I would share with you some of our favourite books that are quick…


Mabels Outfit for World Book Day

Mabel is dressed as a ladybird. (Ladybird Books) Please follow and like us:

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